The Cosmic Explorer Science calls

The Cosmic Explorer Consortium holds monthly calls, a venue where we can share and discuss work relevant to the science case of Cosmic Explorer. We hope to cover all of the multiple facets that make third-generation science so exciting. We will thus discuss research on a broad range of topics, from nuclear physics, to multimessenger astrophysics, fundamental physics, computational challenges for third-generation datasets.

These calls are open to anyone in the Consortium. In fact, please feel free to share this email with colleagues who might be interested, and invite them to join the Consortium!

You can use this Google form (no Google account required) to propose a talk (usually 24+5m). We will get back to you ASAP after we receive your request.

The current schedule is for a call every month, in alternating time slots, to allow colleagues from everywhere in the world to attend. We will have a US East Coast + Europe friendly slot (Thu, 10AM EST) and one US West Coast + Asia and Australia friendly slot (Tue, 7.30PM EST). However, if we see we are getting a large number of requests to talk, we will consider increasing the frequency of the calls.

At any time, you can use the calendar below (can be imported here. No Google account required) to know when the next call is, at what time, and what will be presented (shown inside the event details in the calendar).

Reminders, agendas and Zoom links will be sent to the Consortium mailing list before each call.