DAWN VI Report

The Dawn VI Meeting on Next Generation Observatories brought together over 200 physicists and astronomers in October 2021 to discuss the next-generation ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. The report from this meeting, published in December 2021, has endorsed Cosmic Explorer stating:

"There was a consensus that Cosmic Explorer is a concept that can deliver the promised science. A strong endorsement of Cosmic Explorer, as described in the CE Horizon Study, is a primary outcome of DAWN VI."

To endorse the DAWN VI report, or for any questions, send email to David Shoemaker.

The status of Cosmic Explorer was summarized in a seminar given to the LIGO Scientific Collabation, Virgo, and KAGRA on January 21, 2021. Scientists interested in the status of Cosmic Explorer can view the presentations at the links below: