The Cosmic Explorer Consortium

Cosmic Explorer is a plan for a U.S. next-generation gravitational-wave observatory that aims to be an order of magnitude more sensitive than Advanced LIGO. At this sensitivity, Cosmic Explorer will be able to answer questions from the smallest scales of fundamental physics to the largest scales of cosmology.

The purpose of the Cosmic Explorer Consortium is to provide an open and efficient way for members of the international physics and astronomy communities to contribute to the conceptualization of Cosmic Explorer, its design, and its future use. Participation in the Cosmic Explorer Consortium provides access to a mailing list that can be used to communicate with other consortium members and access to a Document Control Center if members wish to share documents related to Cosmic Explorer with each other. Membership in the Cosmic Explorer Consortium is open to all interested scientists. Membership in the Cosmic Explorer Consortium does not carry any obligations and may overlap with membership in other collaborations (e.g., the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo, KAGRA, or OzGrav). Members are encouraged to collaborate with each other, as well as scientists outside the Cosmic Explorer Consortium, on projects related to Cosmic Explorer.

If you have questions about Cosmic Explorer, please send an email to

To join the Cosmic Explorer Consortium visit the CE Consortium registration page.